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SaskAlert is Saskatchewan's Emergency Public Alerting program used to alert the public in real-time of an emergency situation.
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Advisory Alert - Drinking Water
Apr 20 9:59AM
Advisory Alert - Drinking Water
Advisory Alert - Drinking Water
Apr 19 9:36AM
Advisory Alert - Drinking Water

Recent Alerts No Longer in Effect

R.M. of Deer Forks including Burstall and Estuary, R.M. of Happyland including Leader Prelate and Mendham, R.M. of Enterprise including Richmound, R.M. of Fox Valley including Fox Valley, R.M. of Big Stick including Golden Prairie, R.M. of Clinworth including Sceptre Lemsford and Portreeve, R.M. of Miry Creek including Abbey Lancer and Shackleton, R.M. of Pittville including Hazlet, R.M. of Piapot including Piapot, R.M. of Gull Lake including Gull Lake and Tompkins, R.M. of Carmichael including Carmichael, R.M. of Lacadena including Kyle Tyner and Sanctuary, R.M. of Victory including Beechy, R.M. of Canaan including Lucky Lake, R.M. of Riverside including Cabri Pennant and Success, R.M. of Saskatchewan Landing including Stewart Valley, R.M. of Webb including Webb and Antelope lake, R.M. of Swift Current including Swift Current and Wymark, R.M. of Lac Pelletier including Blumenhof, R.M. of Excelsior including Waldeck Rush Lake and Main Centre, R.M. of Morse including Herbert Morse Ernfold and Gouldtown, R.M. of Coulee including Neidpath and McMahon, R.M. of Lawtonia including Hodgeville, R.M. of Glen Bain including Glen Bain, R.M. of Whiska Creek including Vanguard Neville and Pambrun, R.M. of Eye Hill including Macklin Denzil and Evesham, R.M. of Grass Lake including Salvador and Reward, R.M. of Heart's Hill including Cactus Lake, R.M. of Progress including Kerrobert and Luseland, R.M. of Tramping Lake including Scott and Revenue, R.M. of Reford including Landis and Leipzig, R.M. of Mariposa including Tramping Lake and Broadacres, R.M. of Grandview including Handel and Kelfield, R.M. of Rosemount including Cando and Traynor, R.M. of Biggar including Biggar and Springwater, R.M. of Antelope Park including Loverna and Hoosier, R.M. of Prairiedale including Major and Smiley, R.M. of Milton including Alsask and Marengo, R.M. of Oakdale including Coleville, R.M. of Winslow including Dodsland and Plenty, R.M. of Kindersley including Kindersley Brock and Flaxcombe, R.M. of Mountain View including Herschel and Stranraer, R.M. of Marriott south of Biggar, R.M. of Pleasant Valley including McGee and Fiske, R.M. of St Andrews including Rosetown and Zealandia, R.M. of Chesterfield including Eatonia and Mantario, R.M. of Newcombe including Glidden and Madison, R.M. of Monet including Elrose Wartime and Forgan and R.M. of Snipe Lake including Eston and Plato
Advisory Alert Ended - wind
Apr 21 8:32PM
Advisory Alert Ended - wind
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Current Alerts

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If you think an emergency alert should be issued, contact your municipal office
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